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The Piano Studio

Piano studioWho doesn't love the piano? Well, the sad truth is that many of us who had lessons as children did not enjoy the experience of having an unengaged and uninspiring teacher sitting next to us pointing to music on a page and expecting us to play better just because they were shouting at us. That was certainly my experience growing up and it's my mission to ensure that I give my students an experience that stimulates and challenges them while we're all having fun.


At Thrive Music Studio™, we understand what children need to enjoy making music.

Piano studentIf your child is 5 - 7 years old, we have Inner Musician's inspiring Play a Story piano programme. Using beautiful animations, music and other digital supporting materials, your child will be guided to discover the joys of playing the piano by appealing to their hearts and imaginations first. Improvisation is the emphasis in the first year. In their second year, your child will learn to read music notation to help them become musically literate.

Our small group classes make learning an enjoyable and sociable experience. Musical friendships thrive in this cooperative and supportive learning environment. New classes start in September. Email us for a consultation or to learn more.

The studio currently has no openings for older beginners and transfer students. Email us to be placed on a waiting list.

Dedicated to Your Child's Musical Success

Your child will get meaningful feedback on a weekly basis to make sure that they're making good progress. As a parent, you'll also get support on how to help your child develop a healthy practise routine and you'll take notes in lessons to help out with home practising. Success depends upon establishing a regular practice routine early on, as well as developing good playing habits from the start. You'll need to have either an acoustic piano or an 88-key digital piano with piano-weight keys and a foot pedal. Speak to us for recommendations.

Performing Opportunities

Piano lessonTwice a year, your child will have the opportunity of experiencing the pleasure that comes with sharing some of their favourite music with an appreciative audience. We always follow these performances with an “afternoon tea” featuring homemade gourmet delights! It's also a chance to socialise with other studio families who have chosen to make our studio a part of their musical journey.

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